Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Take Control of Your Movie Collection

Do you control your movie collection, or are the movies scattered all over your place? All My Movies offers the easiest way to organize your entire movie collection in no time. Featuring seamless Internet connection, All My Movies can fill in the details automatically by downloading information about a movie from a comprehensive Internet database. You just need to type the title – or insert a disc with a movie you’re adding to the catalogue. All My Movies supports all types of pressed and burned DVD and Blu-Ray discs, as well as ISO images stored on your hard drive or a NAS.

Internet Database

Most folks have little to no interest filling in every little detail about the movie. Actors, directors, producers, plots and descriptions are just a few things you’d rather have but don’t want to type in. All My Movies solves this quiz by connecting to an online movie database and downloading all the details about the movie completely automatically including info and images. All you need is a movie title or a disc in your DVD/Blu-Ray reader!

Easy Offline Navigation

All My Movies is designed for easy and comfortable navigation through your entire movie collection. Featuring modern interface with customizable look and feel,   All My Movies is a powerful, simple to use tool for working with your collection. Browse, search, filter and navigate your collection in a language of your choice without having to insert the original DVD or Blu-Ray disc!

Sorting, Searching and Filtering

You can search, sort and filter your collection in every possible way. You can choose to only display movies starring a certain actor, directed by a certain producer or released by a certain studio. You can stack and combine search criteria to further narrow your search.

Save Your Memories

All My Movies makes it easy to save your opinion about the movie. Just type your comment and enter your rating, and you’ll be able to review them at any time later. This feature can be invaluable if you’re watching a lot of movies. You can easily search through your own comments, too! Just put a note in the Comments field, and you’ll be able to look it up by entering a phrase, word, or part of a word at a later time.

Perfect for International Movie Fans

See titles, plots and descriptions as well as actors’ names and other relevant information in a language of your choice! If there’s a single tool that would be perfect for international movie lovers, that would be All My Movies . Supporting multiple languages, All My Movies holds information about the movies in several languages at the same time. You can navigate your entire collection in a language of your choice, switching languages on the fly if you want to.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Organize Your Movie Collection

Catalogue your movie collection in no time! All My Movies can automatically recognize movies when you insert a DVD or Blu-Ray disk or ISO image, automatically filling in all the necessary detail by connecting to an Internet database. You can enter your movie titles – or simply keep inserting the discs one after another for All My Movies to fill in your movie database completely automatically!

Browse, Search and Rate Your Movies

With All My Movies , you can browse, rate or search through your collection of movies without having to insert the original DVD or Blu-Ray disc. With multiple fields available for the movie, actors, persons and staff, you can browse, sort, filter and navigate your movie collection the way you need. Find all movies in your collection starring the same actor, directed by the same producer, or made by the same studio in just a few slicks!

Better than Internet Databases

How All My Movies is better than the many Internet movie databases around? The main reason to choose All My Movies versus an online movie portal is about personality. All My Movies catalogues your movies the way you like it instead of throwing thousands of movies at your face. All My Movies is blazing fast, allowing you to browse or search your entire collection in less than a second. All My Movies has no annoying ads and no pop-up windows. And of course, you can save your opinion, your comments and your memories about the movie. In a word, All My Movies is a must for any movie enthusiast or serious collector.

Save Your Memories. Search Your Comments

If you’re watching a lot of movies, you may want to save your memories about them. Just fill in the memo field to leave a comment, and you’ll be able to find that movie at any time later by simply entering any part of that comment into the Search box! You can leave just about any kind of comments from extensive reviews to simple tags.

Bi-lingual? Multi-lingual!

All My Movies supports movie descriptions in multiple languages, allowing quick and easy search for international movies in a language of your choice.

Key Features

  • Catalogues your entire movie collection for easy offline navigation
  • Automatic indexing of your movies by the title
  • Automatic indexing of DVD/Blu-Ray discs and ISO images
  • Automatic access to online movie database
  • Downloads details about the movie from the Internet
  • Easy browsing, searching and filtering
  • All fields available in multiple languages

Saturday, August 6, 2011

All My Books: Five-Star Ebook Management Software

What is the difference between a three-star hotel and a five-star one? Right, it's the level of comfort! The same with ebook management software: three-star software will only provide you with a minimum set of necessary options - and five-star software gives you high quality and a little more. That's what users say about the five-star book organizing software All My Books.

"What makes me absolute happy in AMB is the opportunity to put data for books without typing all that junk! That saves me a giant amount of time!"

All users of All My Books agree that using the program is super easy and great fun! There are many possible ways available to add books to the library without making efforts. The best thing is that you don't need to add any data yourself - all is done automatically in the program. All the needed info is downloaded from online databases. Fast and easy! Never again will you waste your time adding or searching for books - moreover, this ebook management software will save you loads of time!

"All My Books is a unique mixer!"

It's 100% true. All My Books is trained to deal with all known book formats. If your book collection is multi-format, you'll love this software! It's because the program works wonders dealing with all known formats of ebooks and audio books. You are also welcome to start your books directly from the ebook management software. It is much appreciated by the users.

"The option to add my own fields makes the database highly configurable. Terrific!"

Yeah, many users wish to personalize the program to the maximum. With All My Books you have all the opportunities for that. Add personal fields and flags, use one of the awesome view modes available, choose one of the great templates! Quick filters and advanced search options are at your service - no matter how big your book database is, you'll find books in a second! Use your personal filter and enjoy the efficiency of this ebook management software!

"The chance to have my own database of authors' biographies and photos is awesome!"

All My Books is loved for its directories which are like huge deposits of valuable info about the authors, locations and friends you exchange books with. That's a real help for a genuine book lover! It's very nice to have this kind of info at fingertips - it saves you much time! By the way, you can also add any illustration relating to the book you like. It will make your ebook library vivid and even more personal.

So, try all the great features All My Books offers and choose the five-start ebook management software - it's the comfort that matters. To help you make the right choice, we offer you a free 30-day trial version of All My Books. Enjoy it!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Elite Book Database Software: Minimum Efforts - Maximum Effect!

Reading books has been a popular hobby for years. No wonder that now people have got loads of books and a complete disorder in the library! New technology adds to the problem even more, since these days we own hundreds of E-books and thousands of audio books in various formats. So, with the advent of new technology, instead of disappearing, chaos from our real-world book libraries moved to digital ones. E-books and audio books of all possible formats now clutter our hard drives causing lots of problems. It's time to stop it! The best book database software is here to help you!

Fed up with wasting time making a perfect book collection ever?

Hey, it's not that hard! Actually, with All My Books it has never been easier and faster! Adding books takes seconds but saves hours! Use one of the possible ways and add your books momentarily to the library. At that all the relevant information is added to the book card in a couple of clicks. Automatically. No efforts! Excellent results! Just dream book database software!

Want a book database that makes your friends envy?

It's a piece of cake with All My Books! Thanks to the program, your ebook library will be amazingly beautiful. Several striking view modes, impressive skins, loads of terrific templates are available in this book database software - you are sure to find something to your choice. Add your own illustrations, personal marks and flags and info about authors if you wish. Print your book database and make a gorgeous book catalogue! Share it with friends - sure they'll love it!

Always on the run? Want to have 24-hour access to your library?

Go ahead! Network mode is waiting for you. Using it you can share your book database file in your local network and open it from several computers at the same time. You can add new books from the several computers - no problems! Export your collection to the mobile device and have a look at it whenever you want. The book database software also offers great sorting and grouping options and powerful search opportunities - for large collections is just indispensable!

Keep losing your books exchanging with friends?

All My Books users have already said goodbye to this problem! The built-in loan manager will take care of your collection! It keeps info where your book is and it is going to be back - very convenient for those who have lots of friends, lots of books and enjoy exchanging books : By the way, your book database is protected in many ways - automatic multi-step backup and password won't allow anyone to your library without permission.

Do you still want to do everything manually and waste your time? If your choice is easiness and high quality, give this book database software a quick try! You lose nothing - it's free for 30 days and it's here ;)

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Think You Know All about Book Management Software?

Have you been using some book management software for quite a while, but still not fully satisfied with it? It means that sorry to say, but you've made the wrong choice and it's time to find the one which does deserve your attention! Look closely at All My Books ;) This book management software is always in the know of all hot trends in the field of book organizing and the best value for money, according to a recent survey. Using All My Books you will have access to many powerful online book databases. Moreover, it's available in several languages and will meet the needs of any user around the world.

There's actually a number of perfectly good reasons why it is really worth trying!

First of all, it saves you lots of time and effort. The book management software is extremely easy to use. You don't need to enter anything but the title of the book you are looking for. You can avoid doing even this if you own a barcode scanner which is going to save even more time! All the fields in the book card will be filled in automatically including the cover. That's really great!

Secondly, this book management software is not only easy to use but also full of exciting functions your book collection surely needs. In All My Books you've got great directories where you can keep all the info about the authors of all the books in your collection, quick filters which are indispensable for huge book libraries (the majority indeed), advanced search options which allow you to search be several criteria at a time. All these functions help to save the time we lack in everyday life.

Thirdly, All My Books is sure to be a real must-have, since it deals with all possible book formats and the list is updated all the time. See, now most of us enjoy audiobooks and ebooks and PC hard drive is full of all that stuff. This book management software allows you to start your ebooks and audiobooks right from the program without wasting time trying to find where exactly it is.

Another important point to mention is the loan manager which masterly tracks all the movements of your books. The book management software keeps an eye on your collection and prevents you from losing books. Every time you lend a book to one of your friends and forget about it, All My Books is there to remind you when it should be home. Isn't that really nice? :)

Not to forget - All My Books is really very beautiful! One can't help admiring the way it looks! A number of templates, several view great modes, all those personal flags and marks meaningful for personally you make this book management software really personal and so close to you!

So, make the right choice this time! Rely on All My Books for your precious book collection!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Save Loads of Time with the Movie Library to Admire!

Movies are amazing! Some of them entertain us, others make us cry, but probably none of them leaves us indifferent. Non-surprisingly, almost all of us these day love movies and movie libraries have reached its greatest size ever! Obviously, it's getting harder and harder to deal with these movie collections. Besides, our movie libraries are mostly rather chaotic and, sadly, it's making the situation even worse: It would be nice to have a smart movie organizing assistant, wouldn't it?

Happily, there's one which is sure to make your life a lot easier. All My Movies is here to help! :) This movie library deals with all kinds of movies - Blu-rays, DVDs, all kinds of videos really and has access to popular online movie databases. It delivers info about the movie you're looking for within seconds and automatically fills in all the fields in movie cards after you've entered the movie title. It works wonders!

Users love All My Movies because, due to its famous directories where it's possible to keep all the info about actors, directors, script writers and other people related to the movie. Again all the info in the movie library is picked up automatically without your time or effort. So, any moment you can go to the persons' catalog and get updated information about your favourite actor and have a quick look at their photo and read biography and filmography details. Wonderful!

If your movie catalog is really enormous, then you will appreciate fast movie search options, the opportunity to use quick filters, as well as to sort and group your collection by director, actor, by film studio, etc. To save you more time, All My Movies allows you to start your movies right from the movie library and even create a playlist - so, the only thing left for you is to enjoy the movies! You can also print your movie cards or the whole movie collection and together with your family members choose what to see this evening.

With All My Movies your movie library will look just brilliant! Skinnable interface, various templates available for you to choose from, view modes which make it even easier to deal with large movie collections and make your friends jealous. Award-winning Virtual shelf mode or cover thumbnail mode will surely appeal to you at first sight. You can further personalize your collection adding your personal marks, coloured flags or even add your own screenshots (feeling like a director for a moment) which will allow you to quickly recall what sort of film it is.

All My Movies also protects your movie library in a number of ways - automatic backup, database password protection will help not to worry about your movie database. And its cutting-edge network mode will allow you to access the movie library from any computer in the network and not waste your time.
So, manage your time effectively - start using All My Movies today! ;)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

DVD catalog – A Perfect Movie Carer!

For a genuine movie buff, movies are like pets or even children - you need to take care of them if you want them to be healthy and bright. Loving movies wholeheartedly, people do their best to keep their movies in a perfect order, but often due to lack of time or skill they fail to do it effectively. Let me introduce the best movie carer these days - the powerful DVD catalog All My Movies. It'll save loads of time and will give you a lot of fun :)

The most striking thing about it is how easy-to-use it is! No special knowledge is required to start operating the program any moment even if you are a real computer dummy! Everything is intuitively clear - adding movies can be done in a number of ways - by entering the movie title, scanning your hard drive or using a barcode scanner. After that the program searches for the movie info in the online Internet databases and picks it up automatically, just like in a fairy tale! If you prefer TV series, no problem - this DVD catalog will add all the episodes (including their brief summary) automatically!

Do you like having at hand full info about your favourite actors and directors? You've got it! The DVD catalog is famous for its directories where all the info about actors and directors is collected, including their photo, biography and filmography! This makes working with the program a real pleasure! By the way, in All My Movies there's some awesome loan manager, which is there to help your deal effectively with a large movie collection and will prevent you from losing a single movie. It is sure to remind you when the movie you lent is going to be back. If you ever tried to calculate the number of movies lost that way, you will agree that it's a really valuable feature.

Using the DVD catalog, you'll be able to print your whole collection or separate cards and have a chance to choose it this way what to see tonight. Such an album is usually very beautiful - so is the movie collection in general! Strikingly beautiful view modes, powerful templates will help you make the collection really personal. Moreover, you can add your own screenshots, personal marks or coloured flags and personalize the movie collection to the maximum!

Enjoy adult movies? This DVD catalog protects your adult videos with a password and your children will never have access to them by chance. Database protection has been given much attention in the program, so that by no means could you lose even a single movie from the library.

You're also sure to appreciate the opportunity to start your movies right from the DVD catalog, without rushing around your hard drive trying to find this or that movie. Or create a playlist and just enjoy watching the movies. As simple as that!

This nice bunch of most useful features ever makes All My Movies the most caring DVD catalog! Assess it yourself!