Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Delicious Library – The Best Organizer for Mac

Once you start Delicious Library software, you get into another world - the world of beauty, orderliness, simplicity and magic, as everything in Delicious Library works for the user like in a fairy-tale: its flexibility, its simplicity, its smartness. Delicious Library is deservedly considered to be the best collection management software for Mac. It’s a smart “all-in-one” solution. Using it, you’ll be able to organize and manage your collection of movies, books, games, audio files in a clever and presentable manner.

After you type in the title (and that’s all typing needed), the program will automatically download all possible data about it. So, if it is a movie, it will be information about the director, actors, genre, year of release and even a full-size cover. Moreover, you can even scan the barcode on CD or DVD box and Delicious Library will pick up data from it in a flash!

You’ll enjoy nice user-friendly interface, which presents the whole library on fantastic stylish shelves, is another feature making Delicious Library the best collection organizer for Mac. Besides, the complete list of the whole collection is at hand any moment you like.

Loan function makes the program really essential. If you loan a book or a movie to a friend of yours, Delicious Library is sure to remember and even remind you of calling the friend. So, you’ll just have no chance to forget whom you loaned your favourite movie and you won’t need to buy it once more.

All these features make Delicious Library absolutely unique and the best collection organizer for Mac, but there is no reason to worry for those who don’t own Mac and use Windows PC. Breathe a sigh of relief, as there is a bright Delicious Library alternative for Windows PC - All My Movies.